| By Big Radio News Staff |

Janesville’s south side could get another liquor store.

Janesville’s liquor board gave a thumbs up Tuesday to plans and a request to license a new, discount smoke and vape shop and liquor store at 2502 Center Avenue on the city’s far south edge.

It’d be in a 5,200-square-foot existing building on the southern edge of the city. The store would run under the name Discount Smokes and Spirits.

Owner Kuhlwant Singh submitted plans showing the liquor store would be just over 1,000 feet south of a daycare and preschool on Center Avenue.

Online descriptions of another Discount Smokes & Spirits store in Oak Creek show that store sells Delta-8 THC and CBD products in addition to vapes, tobacco and alcohol.

The store would be managed by a local resident, according to plans. It’d be near a cigar and tobacco shop and another liquor store farther north on the same stretch.

The area’s on the city’s far south fringes. It has newer apartments nearby and a newer subdivision on an unconnected residential cul-de-sac sac just to the west.